This is one of my favourite Cure videos and perhaps a slightly lesser known one. I love its frenetic energy Just before I shot this in 1997 I had come back from the US and the horrendous experience of editing "The Crow 2" movie, which due to extreme meddling by the studio ended up being nothing like I intended. In my absence, the band had shot videos with other directors, but they seemed pretty happy to see me back again. Although I have worked subsequently with them - our live concert film “Anniversary” in 2018, and also filming their entire South American tour a few years earlier - this was our last proper video together shot in a studio. I particularly love the bit where Robert dances with the old man who for some reason always reminds me of Laurence Olivier on LSD. It took a little bit of persuasion from me to get RS to do this, but when he did commit there was no stopping him! Although the photograph is blurry, that’s director Guy Ritchie carrying the cable behind my shoulder and who obviously went on to forge his own directorial career which somewhat eclipsed my own career! For good measure, I’m attaching a random sample of of my 2013 visit to South America where people kept shouting “Teem! Teem!”