A night of strange, vaguely hallucinogenic memories - mainly because I had literally virtually stepped off a plane having returned from my first  trip to LA where I'd worked with Neil Young for his "Wonderin'" video. Next thing I knew I was seeing large dancing cats, or was it jet-lag? Filmed in a house on England's Lane, Hampstead, it was party, party, party.

Robert J. Smith says of the night: "We told this estate agent we were interested in buying this house in north London."

Laurence A. Tolhurst says: "I terrified an old Rastafarian at about six in the morning. He was walking along the street and I came out of nowhere in a cat suit - he must have thought he'd had too much herb!"

Timothy M. Pope says: "I'm still waiting for Smithy to give me back my red polka dot shirt."

Yes, indeed, the shirts Robert wears in the video were mine as evidenced by the photos above; one from my vast collection of psychedelic, '60s-inspired shirts I wore at the time and which I got in bulk from London's Carnaby Street.

Neil Young had done similarly with another shirt which he wears in the "Wonderin'" video and you can see elsewhere on this site.