Fatboy Slim "Slash Dot Dash"


Fatboy Slim "Slash Dot Dash"

I'd had quite a long period of choosing not to make videos as I now involved myself in other stuff, but when they started giving me, seemingly every other week, another lifetime award for vids, I decided I was not quite ready to die and still had a few more in me. Two weeks after that decision I found myself shooting this. It's actually one of my favourites because of its frenetic, caffeine-fuelled energy, reflected in how I worked, and often do work, to shoot. Took just 7 hours, which is a record, and my crew could hardly keep up.

 I'll leave you to guess how it was done in regard of the zero gravity, but I tell you it ain't a large revolving room, like in 2001... A clue is in the photographs above... This is a question I often pose to young film students...

See Norman and me discussing its making at about 40:00 mins of the documentary below...