• TIM POPE - Shirt

    I said to Neil: "What shall you wear?" He pointed to my shirt that I'd brought from Carnaby Street in London

  • Neil, like Robert Smith in the "Lovecats" video, nicked my Carnaby Street shirt for this.

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  • TIM POPE -

    Shooting the "Weight of the World" video, Neil in the red jacket, me with the woman with the sunglasses.

  • TIM POPE -

    Lunch with Neil and lovely Elliot Roberts, his manager, in London. Elliot is sadly no longer with us. He now swims in the great shark pool in the skies.

  • TIM POPE -

    Shooting the "This Town" video with Neil and Crazy Horse in a town called Pearblossom.

Neil Young's "WONDERIN'" and others

In 1983, Neil Young picked me up at LAX airport in the white car with fins in the "Wonderin'" video and thus began one of my most enduring relationships which lasts to this day. We've worked together, on and off, for nearly forty years.