• TIM POPE - Bowie bits and pieces
  • This is an excerpt from Brett Morgen's fantastic film MOONAGE DAYDREAM about Bowie. The only footage here that is from me is the 50th Birthday Celebration at Madison Square.Garden. For this, we shot extra material and David mimed to the previous night's performance as I filmed.


My first exchange with Bowie was in an uptown New York restaurant when Iggy Pop left the  dinner table and an empty seat fell between us. He turned to me and said, "Tim Pope, funny arsehole, aren't you?" My response: "David Bowie, complete c***, aren't you?" There followed a teetering moment of uncertainty, as I thought to myself, "God, I've wanted to work with him since I was a teenager, and I just blew it with my first words." I wished I could learn to shut up sometimes. The silence went on for what felt like an eternity, until his face broke into a broad grin and he let out what I later called his "Marlboro chuckle," made so by the  back-to-back cigarettes he smoked. This had been the start of our twelve-year relationship as we worked together in many countries and on many projects...

Excerpt from Tim Pope's upcoming memoir, "MY WEIRD EYE."

Shooting the "TIME WILL CRAWL" video in NYC..

Doing some amateur dentistry on The Guv'nor..