"Crow 2" excerpt 'Does he not bleed?'

I think it's well documented what a terrible time I had on The Crow 2. The producer and the distributor were pretty much at loggerheads from the get-go. The original Crow movie had resulted in the tragic death of its lead actor, Brandon Lee, when he had been shot on set. This was never going to be an easy act to follow, given that many people might find the idea of a second movie cynical. Because of this, I felt the story should be very far away from the predecessor, but when we got to the cutting room the battles became more intense, resulting in the studio recutting the film completely and to echo the original film. The result was that the material I shot was massively reshaped, extra scenes were shot and most of our story was cut out, resulting in the movie our audience paid their hard-earned dollars to watch. I hope this unequivocally puts things straight, once and for all.

Doubtlessly, this quelled my appetite for the movie business for the next few years. I made several attempts to make further movies. I do get asked fairly frequently if I will I re-cut The Crow 2 movie to create our original vision, and I have to tell you I have no interest in this. The past is the past. I do, however, want to make more movies and at the moment am working on projects.

Finally, just to let you know, nearly 25 years later my friendship with lead actor Vincent Perez has remained, despite our shared and disappointing "Hollyweird" experience.