Credit for film: @GoodBadFlicks

Making "The Crow: City of Angels" (aka "The Crow 2") was not the happiest experience of my life. I'd made my short film "Phone" and as well as getting a message from Martin Scorsese to say he liked it, and in particular the acting, this led  directly to me making my Hollywood debut. It's a long story about which I write in my upcoming autobiography, "My Weird Eye." Ultimately the infamous producer Weinstein brothers, Harvey and Bob, took the picture from me in the editing rooms to make it just like the first movie, which had made them a cool $140M and had resulted in the sad, on-set death of lead actor Brandon Lee. The thing was it was never intended to be like this and resulted to a very uneven cut that made no sense. Half the story was taken away, as they instructed editors to replicate the first story with flashbacks. Even when I had got back to the UK thinking the nightmare was over, they rang me to ask if I wished to see the so-called "director's cut," which I had nothing to do with. I point blank refused to contribute to the DVD/Blue-Ray with a commentary. The upshot of the experience was that I did not want to make another movie for many years - up until NOW. I hope, in 2023, to make another movie called "The Beating of a Moth's Wing" (formerly known as "Drone"). Watch this space!