Just about everyone knows that 'The Crow 2'/Hollywood experience was bloody crap for me. This was mainly due to so much interference in all stages of the film, especially the cutting room. The film ended up not exactly how we had planned it at all. The studio in particular were very keen to make it like the first movie, which obviously had the tragic death of a young actor, Brandon Lee, attached to its making. It was because of this that I set out to do something perhaps a little different, but still to follow the ethos and integrity of the James O'Barr graphic novels, upon which the Crow character was based. Pointless to go on about it too much, given the amount of water passed beneath bridges and all, but this 6-minute film here, a visual 'rebooting' of the original film footage, seeks to grab back some of the ownership of the original story, as told by writer David S. Goyer. Often I get asked if I will ever release a completely rebooted version of the film and the answer is no. This will have to suffice, I'm afraid, though if you go searching on the internet there are various fan-created versions that allude pretty well to its almost intended cut...

Link to the documentary film of the the making of The Crow 2 here. See Iggy Pop talking about about being a baddy.