TP biography:

Director Tim Pope always wanted to make films and dreamed of cameras from the womb if not before. After attending in his teens TV/film studies at Ravensbourne College, Bromley, he got a job at a company training politicians of the late '70s for TV appearances, which entailed him going to No. 10 Downing Street many times, where he operated the cameras. With the same equipment, and unbeknownst to his bosses, he began secretly to film bands on stage, including The Specials and The Psychedelic Furs. In the early '80s, pop videos began to be the rage - and always having had a special connection with music Pope started making them, and by the mid 1980s was working on both sides of The Atlantic. Bands included Neil Young, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Talk Talk, The Bangles, Queen, The The, Soft Cell, Fatboy Slim and most famously The Cure, for whom he claims to have made over 37 clips. Diversifying, he worked in TV, made documentaries, live concert films, short films and worked in Hollywood to direct ‘The Crow: City of Angels,' when producers the Weinstein brothers recut the film entirely from what Pope shot; one of the brothers even asked him when the DVD was to be released if he would like to see the director’s cut. Recent work for Pope includes filming The Cure at Hyde Park for their 40th anniversary concert, which went worldwide on release in over 1, 500 cinemas, and a documentary for ITV about the actress Sheridan Smith called ‘Coming Home.’ Upcoming projects include his self-written feature movie, ‘Drone,’ and documentaries about bands The Cure and The The. Pope also lectures in film at film schools and universities. Other interests include horticulture, keeping chickens and crocheting.