Masterclass my arse, but do yourself a favour and if you do happen to be in York, come along. Doing a bit of a special on this one, showing many unseen stills from across the years - a personal trip, kind of a deal. Like being caught with some nutter showing you his personal photos - well, not too personal. Booking now and rapidly selling out - well, did you expect otherwise? Already being sold on eBay for vastly inflated sums over ticket's asking price. Also, will be showing our epic 12-minute short film, Brandy and Pep, which is doing the competition circuit this season, like some tart trying to sell its wares. Speaking of which, as I am about to start financing my meisterwerk long in the waiting, Apartment Eleven (nifty title, no?), hopefully be loads of people there and wanting to shovel shed-loads of cash into it. Oh, I could go on like this, interminably.

Tim Pope, Director: How I Got My First Break Saturday 7 November, 12:00 – 13:00 York St John University £8.50 - See more at: