Yesterday was an absolute bonkers day. Having been promised a fair amount of 'thong' on Copocabana beach, I found myself standing there with Jules, my producer, and Flemming, my cameraman, in the pissing down rain. Next it was to the hat shop in downtown Rio to get fitted up for... well, 'that' I shall keep a surprise! Let's just say I expect later today to be sporting something fairly eye catching in the head department. Doubtless, pictures will accompany my hat announcements. (Or are they pronouncements?) Then it was to the favelas of Rio, where we had to pass through a huge police presence to get in and to be honest where everybody seemed genuinely very nice. Perhaps it did help that we were being guided by my friend Alex who lives in Brazil anyway. I loved listening to the noise of TV sets and babies crying and the smells of food being cooked were 'gnaaaaar'. After a couple more detours it was off to the HSBC arena to see the band sound check and to get acquainted with my lovely Brazilian film crew. Looking forward to tonight - the first of eight of The Cure's LatAm gigs. Filming loads more stuff today before the concert, up to visit Jesus, then... oh Christ, it's late... must get going... meantime, I see the first sun is popping out from behind the clouds, as I look out from my hotel window. Note to myself: make sure the hat fits.