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Tim Pope quote:
"I'd become friends with Iggy Pop and at one show he said, "I've got a couple of friends joining us." I look around and it's Bowie and Jagger. We went to this restaurant and when Iggy went for a pee, there was a space between us. He turned to me and said "Tim Pope. You're a funny little arsehole, aren't you?" and I went, "Yeah, David Bowie, and you're a complete…" I won't say the word. And that was the start of a beautiful relationship.

He's incredibly physically strong, a muscly bloke, not a willowy thing. In one shot we tied a camera to him and if he had fallen over, it would have broken his back. He has a real commitment.

I worked with him for 15 years. For some reason I brought out this character I called the Guv, who was like a London cab driver. There's the legend, but he has that person in him.

I was once in a studio with him and Lou Reed, and I saw them in the kitchen and just had to sneak in to hear what they were talking about. Lou was saying that he was going to Africa and David said, "The thing is, you go to these places and you forget the climate's changed. I bought a bowl and by the time I got home it had cracked." It was the least esoteric conversation I could imagine between Lou Reed and David Bowie".